D.C. Sandwich Catering

To make our unique overstaffed sandwiches we use only premium quality meats and freshly baked breads. All the meats are slow-roasted in-house daily and hand carved. From our usual selection of Top Round, Brisket, Turkey, Ham, Tuna Salad and Chicken Salad Sandwiches to a variety of our customers’ favorite Signature Sandwiches – no matter what sandwich you choose, the delicious combination of fresh, quality ingredients will delight the most delicate palate!

Prices are per person unless otherwise indicated.

MGM Roast Beef is your one-stop shop for D.C. sandwich catering services. Our menu features a large selection of delicious, handcrafted sandwiches that are made with fresh ingredients.

We’re known for our signature roast beef and other hand-carved meats, which provide a delectable dining experience.

Our offerings are perfect for all types of events, parties, and gatherings. For example, the MGM Classic Platter is a delicious assortment of classic overstuffed sandwiches. Each sandwich is served plain with all condiments on the side. This allows you to perfectly customize your item the way you prefer. This platter is carefully prepared and served with a pickle-and-cheese tray to complement your sandwiches. A selection of assorted potato chips is also included.

For those who enjoy roast beef, our Roast Beef Sandwich makes a tasty and filling lunch. We slow-cook high-quality, top round roast beef to produce tender slices that are incredibly juicy. We also offer a Brisket Sandwich that features tender and juicy brisket. It’s slow roasted for 14 hours, which results in flavorful meat.

Prefer other meats such as ham or turkey? If so, we offer options that can satisfy every palette. For instance, our Ham Sandwich includes premium smoked ham that’s meticulously cooked and smoked to perfection. For those wanting a lighter option, our White Turkey Sandwich may be the right choice. It features butchered-in-house, all-white meat turkey breast. If you’re looking for an option with deeper flavor, try our Mixed Turkey Sandwich that includes white and dark meat.

Craving a refreshing sandwich? Sink your teeth into our Chicken Salad Sandwich. This delicious item features chunks of all-white meat chicken, tossed with mayo and Dijon dressing. It’s also garnished with hearts of celery and onions. If you’re feeling seafood, try our savory Tuna Salad Sandwich. It boasts solid white albacore tuna with mayo dressing, chopped carrots, and onions.

MGM Roast Beef is proud to offer food items that cater to many diets. For example, we offer a Vegetarian Sandwich for those who don’t consume meat or prefer a plant-based option. It’s filed with loads of veggies, including sprouts, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, avocado, and onion, and topped with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

For the ultimate gourmet sandwich catering experience, try our MGM Signature Platter. It includes our signature overstuffed sandwiches and assorted potato chips. Each sandwich is prepared with the utmost detail and care and is sure to delight your guests.

As sandwich caterers, we can provide you with a variety of unique, flavorful sandwich offerings. Bite into The Brentwood Sandwich, which boasts roast beef topped with banana peppers, fresh horseradish, lettuce, tomato, oil, and vinegar. Or try The Hawaiian Sandwich, featuring smoked ham, bacon, pineapple, and BBQ sauce.

MGM Roast Beef uses fresh, high-quality ingredients to bring you a delectable culinary experience. Our team is skilled at preparing our sandwich offerings so that they retain exceptional quality and taste. Reach out to us today to learn more about our sandwich catering services.

Additional charges may apply for deliveries outside D.C. Metro Area.
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