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Washington DC Catering – MGM Roast Beef Has It All

Washington DC catering has never been easier! MGM Roast Beef’s catering menu can take the pressure off the host by offering a wide range of foods. When there is an event, you have one person who wants a particular item and another person who wants something different. Perhaps one person wants a sandwich, and one person wants a salad. With MGM, this is a problem that is easily solved.

MGM Roast Beef is a Washington DC catering company that offers more than just sandwiches and salads, they also have a section on their catering menu dedicated to breakfast only! Events can take place anytime during the day, so it is nice to be able to feed guests when it occurs in the morning. Some catering companies are closed in the morning, or they only carry lunch or dinner items. With MGM, if the event is being held in the morning, the guest can have a fulfilling breakfast. Their breakfast items include pancakes, French toast, waffles and scrambled eggs. The guests can also have their choice of fresh baked muffins, Danishes, croissants or even New York style pastries.

For those events that do happen to take place during the day or evening, MGM offers their hand carved sandwiches. These include roast beef, roasted ham and turkey, or even brisket. Their bread options go beyond just your regular white bread. They offer onion poppy, whole wheat and sesame breads. A sandwich is only complete when it has a delicious side to go with it. Some of their sides include Red bliss potato salad and creamy cole slaw. Does this Washington DC catering company have your mouth watering yet?

Sometimes the events that take place are held during conferences or important business meetings. When someone has to attend a meeting that lasts for a long time, and it is almost impossible for them to leave to get lunch, MGM can come to the rescue. People tend to focus better when their stomachs are full. They can cater to a meeting that has just a hand full of people, to the meeting that includes every employee the company has. The goal is to feed everyone there and MGM Roast Beef is a Washington DC catering company that can do just that!

In Washington DC, catering can even be done for those important business meetings. They offer a Conference Luncheon that includes a fresh tossed green garden salad, and MGM’s famous sandwiches. These sandwiches can be roasted turkey, ham and brisket, roast beef, white meat chicken salad, and tuna salad. If the Conference Luncheon is too small for what the meeting needs, they also offer an Executive Luncheon. This luncheon includes MGM’s famous chef salad and the assorted sandwich platter. The sandwiches are served on wraps, assorted breads or a croissant.

MGM Roast Beef also offers snack sandwiches and mini wrap sandwiches. The snack sandwiches include an assortment of mini sandwiches served on assorted soft dinner rolls. The platter comes with lettuce, tomatoes, assorted cheeses, banana peppers, black olives and kosher dill pickles. The mini wrap sandwiches are specialty sandwiches that come with sun-dried tomatoes in a spinach wrap. MGM also offers subs that can feed up to thirty people. The subs come with one or a combination of their hand carved freshly roasted meats with a variety of toppings and freshly sliced cheeses, or as we know it, “The Works”.

In Washington DC, catering can go beyond sandwiches and salads. The catering menu at MGM also offers hot entrees such as homemade beef lasagna. This is fresh lasagna with a homemade sauce and fresh cheeses, with a side of garlic bread. They have chicken or egg plant parmesan with pasta that is made with roasted breast of chicken or egg plant that is served with melted provolone cheese and homemade sauce that lies on top of linguine.

Catering can go beyond finger sandwiches, especially with MGM Roast Beef. Even though the event is being catered, the guests can still have a freshly cooked meal with fresh ingredients. MGM takes pride in their food, and they want to deliver the best quality. It is wise for them to have at least a 24-48 hour notice when it comes to catering.

If anyone is in Washington DC, and they are looking for a great catering company, all they have to do is look up MGM Roast Beef. Of course, they offer much more than what is listed on this page. They have their catering menu online that gives the pricing and the number of people who can be fed. There is even a dine-in/takeout menu available for those who don’t need catering.  Regardless of what a person is looking for, if they want fresh, hand carved meats, served with endless options, then MGM Roast Beef is the way to go. It is a guarantee that with this company, no one at an event, party, or business meeting will go home hungry.
If you would like to learn more about Washington DC catering and MGM Roast Beef, click the link below.