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DC Lunch Catering

Fine DC Lunch Catering with MGM Roast Beef

Download a copy of our Catering Menu

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a DC lunch catering company that uses fresh ingredients? What about a company that could provide an endless opportunity when it comes to ordering food? What if you could find a company that caters lunch as well as provides desserts? What if your event has guests who will be bringing their children? There is one company that can be the solution to all of your catering woes.

MGM Roast Beef is a DC lunch catering company that has built their reputation up by providing their customers with the freshest ingredients. The meats they offer are hand carved every single day, so the worry of getting food that is not of high quality ceases to exist. The breads they use for their sandwiches, among many other things, are baked daily. They don’t use those convenient little heat lamps to warm their breads.

The menu at MGM offers some of the most amazing foods. Their DC lunch catering menu is just as great as their eat-in menu. It really doesn’t matter if a person chooses to eat in, take out or have food catered, the quality remains the same. They offer breakfast and lunch on both menus, and the prices are unbeatable on both of them.

If an event needs to be catered, MGM can also offer desserts to go along with the meals. The greatness doesn’t have to stop after breakfast or lunch. Their desserts, such as their famous bread pudding can be obtained whether you are sitting on one of their 50’s themed stools, or if they are catering to your needs at a different location. When ordering their desserts, don’t forget about their New York cheese cake that comes with fresh peach sauce or their New Yorker, which comes with an assortment of New York pastries. This is a DC lunch catering company that can offer a little slice of New York.

Children can be picky eaters, whether they are eating in a restaurant or at an event. MGM, a DC lunch catering company, offers a Box Lunch to those who need catering. Over-stuffed sandwiches with potato salad, cole slaw, pasta salad or French fries come in the lunch box. It also includes a can of soda or a bottle of juice. We all know a lunch box isn’t complete without a treat included. MGM offers the choice of a brownie or a cookie to finish the meal. Their eat-in menu has something that even the pickiest eater will find enjoyable.

There may come a time when DC lunch catering isn’t needed, but someone needs to have breakfast catered. Of course, MGM Roast Beef can help with this too by providing the best breakfast options. These include pancakes, waffles, French toast, Danishes, and scrambled eggs. The breakfast also comes with ham, bacon and sausage. They offer turkey sausage and bacon for those who prefer turkey over pork. Their breakfast isn’t just limited to the customers who need catering. They offer a Big Plate special for those who dine in. This includes the choice of French toast or pancakes and comes with the choice of ham, bacon or sausage. The turkey lovers can still get their bacon and sausage. Also included are two eggs cooked anyway and the choice of home fries or grits. Their grits come in two ways, plain or creamed.

MGM believes in providing the best food possible. They take pride in their food, whether it is food that is served inside the restaurant or food that is being catered. Everyone is entitled to the same high quality food. The prices are reasonable for any budget, and you definitely get your money’s worth. With MGM, there is no such thing as paying a huge bill after you have eaten a plate of food filled with small portions. MGM is a DC lunch catering company that ensures all of their customers are satisfied.

If you are catering an event, such as a luncheon, and you want the best food possible, MGM Roast Beef is the DC lunch catering company for you. They can cover everything from the sandwiches to the desserts. They will ensure that the portions are equal and of course made with the finest ingredients. If you are looking for a place to eat that has great prices and the best food, cooked with the freshest ingredients, then MGM Roast Beef is the DC lunch catering company for you!

So remember, if you are in Washington around the DC area, stop in over at MGM Roast Beef and get a taste of high quality. You may be thinking “Quality has a taste”? Once you sit down to a plate of food that has been prepared by MGM Roast Beef, you will then know what quality tastes like. It will be a taste that you will never forget, and it will leave you wanting more. When you take a bite of food that has been made by them, you will be able to taste the passion that is put into their food. So, if you are interested in learning more about MGM Roast Beef or about their DC lunch catering, click the link below to find out more!